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CarOrganizer 3.0

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Full Version

If you like this application you can purchase the full version of this program for a small contribution in the Mac App Store. Doing this will extend the application with several useful features and you contribute directly to the development of this software... The additional features are:

Output/visualization of all data for arbitrary periods of time
The basis version shows the data by default for the currently selected month in the date-pick box. The full version enables you to choose the period of time for which you want to show your data arbitrarily in the drop-down menu. This includes the tables in the main window and the driver's log as well as the charts in the evaluation window.

Period of time...

Graphic evaluation of mileage and vehicle comparison
The full version adds two additional functions for the graphic evaluation. You can visualize the driven mileage of you vehicles in a column chart for a specific period of time. Furthermore, you can compare all (or some of) your vehicles regarding cost and fuel consumption in a chart.

Vehicle Comparison

The payment is very easy and absolutely save...simply follow the instructions for the In-App Purchase from inside the application...

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